TORRIDO products are an excellent choice when served with beer or wine, while traveling or entertaining yourself, celebrating or whenever you feel hungry!

Even people on a diet will love TORRIDO products because they contain a lot of protein and various minerals required for healthy diet.
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TORRIDO Snack Group was started by manufacturing traditional Beef Jerky, a native food of American Indians which was made from tender meat. Cowboys and Indians, the Wild West, old meat curing traditions, this is what TORRIDO BEEF JERKY is all about. The Indians dried the meat because in those days the shelf life of raw meat was very short; but salted and dried meat could be kept longer. They used to take dried meat slices with them on their hunting journeys to satisfy hunger and get necessary energy for hunting. TORRIDO BEEF JERKEY is rich in protein and low in fat, light in weight and tasty to eat. It is the proper snack for a hunter on a journey or a sportsman in a gym!
Known for its spicy taste, today BEEF JERKY is preferred by beer lovers.

To adapt to gourmets tastes, BEEF JERKY has been modified into mild, dried TORRIDO PREMIUM chips. These thinly sliced pieces of meat melt in your mouth; they are the perfect snack with wine.

Later, TORRIDO brand was expanded by introducing another snack – mini sausages, which serve as an alternative for ordinary dried sausage. No slicing. One mini sausage; one bite; great pleasure!
MINIS perfectly suit with your favourite refreshing drink while resting or celebrating with friends.

Because there are many traditional sausage lovers, the TORRIDO product range has been introduced with new dried sausages, which are low-fat snacks with a strong flavour. The beef, pork and turkey sausages seasoned with natural spices are a taste sensation for your tongue and a delight to your body. They are rich in protein and minerals that are very necessary for you.

And there is more! TORRIDO NOVELTY – dried sausage chips. You can enjoy these thin (just 1 millimeter thick), crispy and stylish slices anywhere and anytime you want!

Try TORRIDO's full range of "hot" as endless summer and tasty meat snacks and enjoy life with taste!